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Author: John Smith   Date Posted:16 September 2013 

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Hello today I would like to talk about keeping your shed floor dry. The main reason your shed floor would have water on it is either your slab is not flat and level or they may be something clogging up your channel. The channel has a higher inside leg and lower outside leg to funnel the water away from the base of the shed. If there is anything clogging up the channel on the outside of the shed you must clear this out every couple of months. If this is done and you are still getting water inside on the floor of your shed you will have to go to option two to stop it. That is putting a bead to silicon on the base of the channel where is meets the flooring of your shed. This will then stop any water from coming back under the channel where there might be gaps.

I hope these easy tips will help you with any water problems you might have with your shed.

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